Costas Evangelatos Biography notes [βιογραφικό ελληνικά]
    From 1976 until today he has given lectures on conjectural and aesthetic themes. He has illustrated collections of poems and heraldic studies. In 1985 he organized in Athens an exhibition with informative material about the cultural life in New York. 
  • 1978  Performance at the underpinning of University Campus at Ilisia, Athens
  • 1981  Photography by Okamoto Takato, Foret de Fontainebleau, France
  • 1983  Exhibition-Happening at Ilision University, Athens
  • 1983  Environment with teletype roll in ruin, Kalamata, Gr
  • 1983  Painted shipwreck, Port of Argostoli, Gr
  • 1985  Performance wearing teletype roll at Central Park, New York
  • 1987  "Monument to the young that died...", Gallery Dada, Athnes
  • 1988  Live conjectural image and presentation in "Multiforms", A and D, Athens
  • 1988  "The death of a poet", Performance at British Council, Athens
  • 1989  Photographic exhibition "The artist and the model", Gallery Dada, Athens
  • 1989  Lecture with theme "The conjectural performance", Gallery "F", Athens
  • 1990  Lecture with theme "The conjectural conversion to the symbol", Heraldic and Genealogic Society of Greece, Athens
  • 1990  Performance dedication to photographer Wilhelm Von Gloden, October at Dada Gallery, Athens
  • 1991  Performance "Painting Lessons" at weekly conjectural events of Art Studio Est, Dada Gallery, Athens
  • 1992  Performance "Epitimvio Vicky Drackos Contemporary Art", Athens
  • 1992  Performance "Dedication to Paralimpics 1992", MNAC, Barcelona, Spain
  • 1994  Performance-environment "Monument to Antimilitarism", Winterschool, Glasgow, Scotland
  • 1995  Anti-performance, Art Studio Est, Athens
  • 1998  Lecture with theme "Aesthetics and Internet", Heraldic Society of Greece, Athens
  • 1998  Performance "Monument of Youth" European Echoes '98, Roda Sten, Sweden
  • 1999  Lecture with theme "Art and Photography", French Institute of Piraeus
  • 1999  Performance "Ilanga's Pray", Art Center, Freedom Park, Athens
  • 2000  Performance "The Lunch", Eurotrash, Rapido TV, Athens
  • 2000  Performance "The Chess", Art Center, Freedom Park, Athens
  • 2000  Performance "Idealistic Welcome for 2001", Athens
  • 2001  Performance "Love. Dream or Reality", ArtTower Agora, Mousses, Artnet Galleries, Athens
  • 2002  Performance "B.B. Trash", Center for Arts, Athens
  • 2002  CD with music by Antonis Remoundos inspired by the poetry collection "The Cadence of Memory" and poetry reading by actress Vera Zavitsianou
  • 2002  Lecture with theme "In the Small Mirror", Heraldic and Genealogic Society of Greece, Athens
  • 2003  Scenery for the opera of Gian Carlo Menotti "The Telephone", Chambre Opera of Athens, Cine "Trianon", Athens
  • 2003  Presentation of poetry book "Alea Prosomoion", Corgialenios Library, Argostoli, Kefalonia
  • 2004  Poetry reading at the Cultural Center of Palaio Faliro, Athens
  • 2004  Lecture with theme "The aesthetic of a grave monument", Heraldic and Genealogic Society of Greece, Athens
  • 2004  Presentation of book "Critical aproach in the poetry of Costas Evangelatos", K.E.O., Athens
  • 2005  Performance "Homo-decorated Atlas", K.E.O., Athens
  • 2006  Multimedia presentation, poetry, music, K.E.O., Athens
  • 2006  Poetry reading, Art Space Polytropon, Castle of St George, Kefalonia
  • 2006  Presentation of poetry book "The Elegy of Ecbatane", and poetry reading by Marianna Vlachou and Vicky Protogeraki, Cultural Center, Hall Antonis Tritsis, Athens
  • 2006  Presentation of poetry by Dim Malakasis and Prof. K. Beys, Center of Juridical Studies-K. Beys, Athens
  • 2007  Collaboration with Chamber Opera of Athens "Serva Padrona" by Pergolesi, National Opera House, Athens
  • 2007  Lecture with theme "Portraits of Corgialenios Collection", National Hellenic Research Foundation, Athens
  • 2007  Lecture with theme "Personalities of Corgialenios Collection", Heraldic Society of Greece, Athens 
  • 2007  Installation "A la Memoire de Elias Petropoulos", Paris
  • 2008  Presentation of the Diary 2008, "Art-Est, Athens-Paris", Cultural Center, Hall Antonis Tritsis, Athens
  • 2008  Poetry reading (piano: Marios Kazas), Friends' Organisation of Classical Music and Opera, Piraeus
  • 2008  Expo, "L'Autumne a Paris", K.E.O., Athens
  • 2008  Conference "The Culture of Ionian Islands" (visual arts), Argostoli, Kefalonia
  • 2008  Presentation of the Diary 2009 and poetry reading (piano: Marios Kazas), Ianos, Athens
  • 2009  Tribute to Costas Evangelatos, "Scriptorium", poetry reading (piano: Marios Kazas), K.E.O. Athens
  • 2012  Presentation of the poetry collection "Transverse Flight" and art exhibition at the Center of Jurydicals Studies, Athens
  • 2012  Presentation of the poetry collection "Transverse Flight" (piano: Marios Kazas, soprano: Nadine Tziatziou), Enastron, Athens
  • 2013  Presentation of the diary "Ideographic Concepts", (piano: Marios Kazas), Ianos, Athens
  • 2013  Lecture "Visual Concepts Using Mathematical Symbols", 14th Symposium Topological Quantum Information, Historic Athens University, Athens
  • 2014  Presentation of the diary "Emerging Motifs", Art Way, Spyropouleion Cultural Center, Psychiko, Athens
  • 2014  Honorary Award by European Society of Scientists Artists lit Writers at Union Franco-Hellenique, Athens
  • 2015  Honorary Award by The Club for UNESCO of the department Piraeus and islands, Municipal Gallery of Piraeus
  • 2015  Performance "The Daring Solution", poetry Costas Evangelatos, Dancetheater "Lydia Lithos" (Fenia Apostolou, Ilias Bageorge, Galini Gyrtatou, Giannis Karaoulis), Polis Art Café, Athens
  • 2016  Presentation of the Diary "Sandgraphics", lectures Annita Patsouraki, Dr. Sophia Moraiti, Polis Art Café, Athens
  • 2016  "Aesthetic and Theoretical Proposals", Costas Evangelatos, Nicos Garbis-Nicofilimon, Marios Kazas, Dancetheater "Lydia Lithos" (Fenia Apostolou, Silia Karfopoulou), Martha Papadopoulou, Ioanna-Maria Sklirou, Municipal Gallery of Piraeus
  • 2016  Poetry reading of Costas Evangelatos poetry, Maray Georgoussi, Vicky Protogeraki. Music composition Sotiris-Nicolas Kassos, (piano: Sotiris-Nicolas Kassos, violin: Ionas Kourbanas), Union Franco-Hellenique, Athens
  • 2016  "Dedication to Costas Evangelatos". Essays, Giorgos Iliadis, Costas A. Petrakis. Poetry readind, Aris Gerakis, Dionisia Kakonichti, Department of Digital Media and Communication, TEI, Argostoli, Kefalonia
  • 2017  Honorary Award by the Cultural Union of Angonas, Municipal Theater "Kefalos", Argostoli, Kefalonia
  • 2017  Natural Fields and Conceptual Forms", Costas Evangelatos, dr Anna Ch.Markopoulou, Martha Papadopoulou, Eva Kampitsi, Fofy Kondily, Kostis Tsiamagkas-Lydia Lithos Dance Theater, Municipal Gallery of Piraeus
  • 2017  Honorary Award by European Society of Scientists Artists lit Writers at Old University, Athens
  • 2017  Presentation of the poetry collection "Offrandes Seculaires", Radisson Blu Hotel Champs Elysées, Paris

He has participated in various international exhibitions of mail art.

    He has also made videotapes with his works:

  1989 "Est" Performance    1990  The "Atelier"   2007  Costas EST by Angela Mylonakis


    He has given interviews to television channels and radio 
    1984, 1985 , WEVD, New York 
    1990  ERA 1, ET1 
    1992  Antenna, Channel 29, ET1, Telecity, ET2 
    1993-2015  SevenX, Telecity, Channel 29, Antenna, Mega, Seven, Kanali 5, Sky, TeleAsti, Tempo, Star, Alter, NET, Channel 4 UK, Vouli TV, Alpha TV, Ionian channel, Action TV, sbc TV, etc 

  • Text in exhibition catalogs have been written by:   
  • Angelos Fouriotis, 1981
    Dr. Stelios Lydakis, 1983, 1984, 1988
    Errikos Bellies, 1984
    Anna Hatziyiannaki, 1988
    Vivi Vasilopoulou, 1989
    Pr. Stelios Lydakis, 1992
    Bia Papadopoulou, 1993
    Pr. Stelios Lydakis, 1995
    Susana Bautista, 1995
    Dr. Dora Markatou, 1996
    Pr. Stelios Lydakis, 1999
    Europi Moschona-Maragakis, 2002
    Dr. Dora Markatou, 2004
    Pr. Stelios Lydakis, 2006
    Pr. Chrysanthos A. Christou, 2007
    Pr. Stelios Lydakis, 2008
    Pr. Chrysanthos A. Christou, 2008
    Nikos Moschonas, 2008
    Maria Melenti, 2010
    Maray Georgoussi, 2012
    Pr. Dora Markatou, 2015
    Kostas Karousos, 2015

Costas Evangelatos parallel with painting has also followed Performance, Body Art and Happening.

1975, Poems 73-75
Poems, Eptalofos L.T.D1976
1977, The Daring Epilisy
(The Daring Solution)
Symphonic Poem
1978, Scripts 77
1980, The Room
Translated to English by Kimon Friar
1983, Mythographics
1984, Portrait Variations
album, Editions Dada
1988, Bodygraphics
album, Editions Dada
1989, "13 Melanographies"
Photothiki, Editions F
1990, Bodygraphics
BOA Editions Ltd, New York
1992, "Epitimvio",
poster in 50 copies, Editions Art Studio Est
1993, "Costas Evangelatos"
bibliographic catalog
1993, "Tetralogy of the Dew"
1996, "The Screen of the Names"
poems, Editions Apopeira, Athens
1997, "The Ideographic Shisel"
texts about art, Sylloges, Athens
1997, "Nebulagraphics and Complexes"
Editions Magna
1999, "The Cadence of Memory"
poems, Editions Apopeira, Athens
2000, "Costas Evangelatos, Scriptorium 2000"
Artworks, Editions Argostoli Municipality
2001, "Esthetic of Costas Evangelatos"
by Leontios Petmezas, Editions Sylloges
2002, "Alea Prosomoion", Selected Poems (1973-2002)
Editions Apopeira 2002
CD with music by Antonis Remoundos 
inspired by the poetry collection "The Cadence of Memory" 
and poetry reading by actress Vera Zavitsianou
2003, In the Small Mirror
erotic poems in english
translated by Kimon Friar
2003, Critical Approaches
texts about poem selection "Alea Prosomoion" 
Editions Sylloges, Athens
2004, La Chambre
lithographic print, Paris
2004, Portraits and Compositions
Editions Corgialenio Historical and Folk Museum of Argostoli
2005, Figurations of Costas Evangelatos
by Nikos G. Moschonas
Editions Periplous, Athens
2006, The elegy of Ecbatane
poems, Editions Apopeira, Athens
2007, Critical Approaches
texts about poem selection "The Elegy of Ecbatane" 
Editions Sylloges, Athens (second edition 2008)
2008, Art Calendar 2008 "ART-EST"
Editions ARTLINE & GENNESIS, Thessaloniki
2009, Art Calendar 2009 "Bodygraphics"
Editions ARTLINE & GENNESIS, Thessaloniki

2009, Calendar 2010 "The Garden of Inspiration"
Villa Rodopi, Argostoli, Kefalonia

2010, Art Calendar 2010 "Archaic Conceptions"
Editions ARTLINE & GENNESIS, Thessaloniki

2010 , "Scriptorium"
Editions P.O.D.A. Municipality of Athens
2010, Costas Evangelatos "ART - EST "
Editions Art Line & Gennesis, Thessaloniki
2011, Art Calendar "Sea Shapen Forms"
Editions Art Line & Gennesis, Thessaloniki

2011, "Chemins enchevêtrés"
poèmes, Editions Sylloges, Athens

2012, Art Calendar 2012 "Portraits ans Symbols"
Editions ARTLINE & GENNESIS, Thessaloniki

2012, "Landscapes of Ioanian Sea"
Editions Art Studio EST, Athens
2013, Art Calendar 2013 "Ideographic Concepts"
Editions ARTLINE & GENNESIS, Thessaloniki

2014, Art Calendar 2014 "Emerging Motifs"
Editions Protogon, UK

2014, Art Calendar 2014" Aesthetic Retrospective with Ionian Colors"
Editions Ionian Islands Region, Kefalonia
2014, "Multiple Hymne" (Πολύσμιγος Αίνος)
Editions Sylloges, Athens
2014, 35 Years Performances-Costas Evangelatos Art-Est by Leontios Petmezas, Athens

2015, Art Calendar" The Garden of Art"
Villa Rodopi, Argostoli, Kefalonia
2015, ART-EST
Edition Art Studio Est-La Chambre, Athens
2015 "Offrandes séculaires" , Poèmes
Sylloges, Athènes
2016 "
Louis d' Est"
Aigialos, Argostoli, Kefalonia
2016 "Art Calendar"
Villa Rodopi, Argostoli, Kefalonia

2017 "Art Calendar" Nebulagraphics
Villa Rodopi, Argostoli, Kefalonia

2017 "Hermetic Lighrs"
Aparsis, Athens

2018 "Art Calendar" Ideographic Pots
Villa Rodopi, Argostoli, Kefalonia

  • Critics in magazines and newspapers have been written by:   

  • Amalia Voutsina, Evangelos Andreou, St. Marados, Ang. Fouriotis, Stelios Lydakis, A. Poulin jr, M. Efthimiades, Will Grant, Dim. Tsalama, Alkinoos Bounias, Anna Hatjiyiannaki, Klea Polymenakos, Mary Machas, Vivi Vasilopoulou, Evropi Moschona, Dora Markatou, Eleni Maxaira, Ergina Xydou, Dionysia Yiakoumi, Susana Bautista, Annita Patsourakis, Karin Sitalsing, Leontios Petmezas, prof. Kostas Beys, Teresa Deakin, Dr. Dora Rogan, Kostas Kritsinis, Rita Tsintili-Vlisma, Evi Livada-Ducas, Kostas Panagiotopoulos (Barbar), Olga Tsantila, Ismini Palli, Ioanna Babi, Aris Papadopoulos, Karen Conrand, Efi Polyzoe, Yannis Flessas, Prof. Yiorgos Moschopoulos, Dimitris Karamvalis, Prof. Mathiew Jennett, Antonia Papaioannou, Megakles Rogakos, Nikos G. Moschonas, Elias Toumasatos, Magda Mystikou, Yiola Argyropoulou, Vivi Tryfona, Vivian Giannoudi-Avgerinou, Prof. Chrysanthos A. Christou, Eva Beriatou, Alkistis Katsouni, Litsa Lembesi, Kostas Kritsinis, Stella Liatou, Yannis Alexiou, Giorgos Kouloumvaris, Tina Sgouropoulou, Athina Stamou, Vasilis Loukas, Stella Liatou, Maray Georgoussi, Elli Kaplani-Kokkini, Phedra Zambatha-Pagoulatou, Ioanna Karatzaferi, Anna Kelesidou, Anna Marcopoulou, Kostas Karousos, Prof. Fotis Pavlatos.
  • Poems after the works have been written by:   

  • A. Poulin jr, 1981
    Katerina Theophilis, 1988
    Dim. Tsalama, 1987, 1985
    Andreas Artemis, 1997
    Andonis Samiotakis, 1997
    Eva Beriatou, 2005
    Litsa Lembesi, 2007
  • Music after the poems have been composed by:   

  • Antonis Remoundos, Giorgos Tzagarakis, Nicofilimon-Nicos Garbis, Fivos Bozas, Marios Kazas, Sotiris-Nicolas Kassos.
Also there have been written many presentations of his works by magazines and art books: 
Taxydromos, Epikaira, Athens Daily Post, Mid-American Review, Arts, Ena, Kai, TV3, Athenorama, Art Speak, Horizon Magazine, N.Y., Hellenic Times, Art and Word, Ikastika, Ideodromio, Collectors World, Sylloges, Alexisphairo, Flash Art, Politistiki, Ikones, Pariscope, 7 a Paris, Playboy, Paris Match, Living, House and Quality Life, Arti, Gallery Guide, Parenthesis, Vivere, Tiletheatis, Einai, Loipon, High, Inside, Ei, Photographos, Opticon, Balkan News, Style, New Europe, El Pais, The Art Newspaper, Telerama, Umbrella, National Tribune NY, Exodos, Monopoli, Athens News, Odyssey, Epsilon (Elephterotypia), Panselinos (Macedonia), Prothiki, Inside Out, Poiotita Zois, Kefallonitis Mag, Dike International, Diavazo, Greek Painting in 20th Century (vol. 3, by Chrysanthos A. Christou, Athens 2007), Palmografos, Sodeia, Momento, etc. 

Works of Costas Evangelatos are in public and private collections in Greece, France, Italy, Cyprus, Poland and several cities in America especially in New York such as: Fordham University Collection, Dr. Viviene Wechter, Dr Robert Campbell, Sir Cesare Santeramo, Stanley Matek, J. Sloan, Wendy Hanson, John David Skilton, Ernie Hillman, Marcia McMartin. Also in municipalities and municipal spaces in Greece, such as Municipal Gallery in Athens, the Museum of Athens University, the Museum Vourou-Eftaxia of City of Athens, the Municipal Gallery of Thessaloniki, the Foundation of Macedonian Studies, Bank of Greece, American College of Greece, Theater "Kefalos" in Argostoli, Municipality of Argostoli, Corgialenios Historical and Folk Museum, Philharmonic School of Kefalonia, Municipal Gallery of Ithaca, Le Centre des Sevres à Paris, Ambassade de Grèce en France, Consulat General de Grèce à Paris, Consulat General de Cypre à Paris, Fondation Hellénique, Cité Internationale, Paris, Gallery of the University of Leeds UK, etc. 
Also in the collection of Philippe Jamet, Panayotis Kangelaris, Pan. Marinis, Kimon Friar, Dimostheni Fakalos, Konstantinos Despotopoulos, Renee Sgourda, Patriarhion of Alexandria, pr. Kostas Beys, Mikis Theodorakis, Yiannis Kalafatis, Lila S. Kappatou, Nikos Karambelas, Dr. Sotiris Prapas, Alexis Marathianakis, Marili Solomou, Dr Nikos Strintzis, Sofia Kostomenis-Vallianou, Irene Facon, etc. 

On year 2001, Costas Evangelatos donated from his personal collection to the Museum of Archeology and Art History of University of Athens 45 paintings and engravings of contemporary greek artists, in the memory of his parents, Harilaos and Rodopi Evangelatos. Since 2011 there is at the department of TEI Ionian Islands in Argostoli a classroom named "Costas Evangelatos" with artist's works.


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