Efi Strousa:
List of Works and Short Biographies
Contemporary Greek Artists (page 5)

Maria Loizidou
Born in Limassol, Cyprus in 1958 and studies at the School of Fine Arts in Lyon. Lived in Paris between 1981-87 and 1997-2000. Becomes acquainted with the psychoanalytical school of Paris and attends philosophical seminars by Gille Deleuze at Vincennes University and Michel Foucault at the Academie Française. In 1987 she sets up her studio in Nicosia and travels around Europe and the USA, participating in exhibitions and seminars. Represented Cyprus in the Biennale of Venice in 1986. Lives and works in Nicosia.
1. The Horse, 1989
24 sheets, drawings, handmade 180gr. crepe paper, single copy, published by Maria Loizidou, 42x32cm
2. The Interpreter, his Anger and the Nine Maidens, (77/100), 1992
12 sheets, handmade on 190gr. Waterford paper, colour printed at the silkscreen workshop of Petros Kotziapassis with subsidy from the Youth Secretariat, Nicosia 1992. Each 40x30cm copy is numbered and signed.
3. Lettres à l’artiste ou angoisse sans nom, 1996
43 sheets, mixed media, 22 sheets with selected texts in (Greek & English) from Vincent Van Gogh’s Letters to Theo and 21 drawings. Single copy, published by Maria Loizidou, Nicosia 1996.

Despina Meimaroglou
Born in Alexandria in 1944. She has worked under scholarships in many engraving and new technology studios in USA and London and has lectured on related subjects. From the early 1990s to date she has published ten artist’s books in limited editions, distributed by DIA Foundation for the Arts, New York, and Pyramid Atlantic Press in Washington, D.C. Her book East of Eden was published by FUTURA in September, 2000. She lives in Athens most of the time.
1. The Mirror is always there, 1992
a selection of poems by Alba Ambert interpreted by Despina Meimaroglou. Printed in Athens in 1992 in an edition of 99 copies numbered and signed by the authors. The silkscreen images were printed by master printer Nicos Doucas on Velin B.F.K. Rives Blanc 300gr. 100% cotton, acid free and buffered paper. Hand bound by Andreas Ganiaris, 20x28,5cm.
2. déjà vu (121/200, Greek edition), 1993.
with texts from news reports on violence. Greek edition 200. English edition 150, Litho- and photo-offset, printed on Fabriano 160gr. 40% neutral pH, by Alekos Papadopoulos in Athens. Represented by Printed Matter Bookstore, DIA Foundation for the Arts, New York and Pyramid Atlantic Press, Washington DC. 21,5x29,5cm.
3. DEADLY WEAPON (48/75), 1993
four colour process plus screenprint on Rosaspina Fabriano 40% cotton, neutral pH. Printed in Athens in 1993 by Alekos Papadopoulos. Screenprints by Nikos Doukas. A limited signed and numbered edition of 75 copies plus 10 A.P. Hand bound, 21,5x29cm.
4. Women, 1997
Photo-offset. Edition 1000. Represented by Printed Matter Bookstore, DIA Foundation for the Arts, New York, 21.5x15cm.
5. A Pack of Lies, A.P. IV, 1997
a print portfolio, produced at Pyramid Atlantic during a residency in November 1997. Helen Frederick, Bridget Lambert and Oscar Gonzalez-Ceran proofed the image. Bridget Lambert printed the silkscreen edition with assistance from Trish Tillman with water-based inks on Arches 88 paper and Pergamentata. The lithographs were editioned by Oscar Gonzalez-Ceran on Arches Buff and Arches 88. The images were manipulated by the artist in Photoshop on a power Macintosh 6500/250. The image for the self-portrait was captured by a Sony Mavica Digital Still Camera by the artist who furthered manipulated them in Photoshop. The custom-made paper folio was editioned by Shannon Brock with assistance from Ann Roecklein. 
An edition of twelve copies with five artist’s proofs, three printer’s proofs, two trial proofs and one archive copy were produced. Portfolio: 54x41cm., lithographs: 54x40cm.
6. Portrait I, 1997
Colour lithograph, printed on a dimensional custom-made paper, 54x40cm. The paper sculpture Portrait I is part of the A Pack of Lies series.
7.5 DEE(D)S + 1 OWE (12/15), 1999
produced by the artist during a residency at Pyramid Atlantic, Maryland US, in October 1999 in an edition of fifteen plus three AP. The images derived from a charade TV Beauty Contest Show (on Greek television) shot from the screen with a Sony Digital Mavica MVC-FD81, news clippings and a printer’s test sheet. They were manipulated by the artist in Photoshop 5.0. The texts are manipulated definitions scanned from the Oxford English Dictionary and Collins English Dictionary. The edition was printed at American Art Associates, Maryland, on a Ricoh NC 5006 Digital Full Color copier on Productolith 100lb. Gloss. 12,5x18cm.
8. Till Heaven and Earth pass  (Matthäus, Chapter. 5.18), 2001 
Digital photos taken on 3 August 1998, printed on a digital Offset Indigo E-Print Pro, „Alphabet Prepress”, Athens 2001. 15 copies plus 4 A.P. signed and numbered, 26,5x19 cm.

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