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Speech and writing in Space (page 1)

Speech and writing have a major presence in the art of the generation which appeared in the early 1970s, the members of which displayed particular interest in the prime importance of the spoken and written word as primary materials in the formation of a new sensibility towards the work of art.
Stephen Antonakos
Neon for the W.P.A., 1981
Neon wall 4’x73’,6’’ (in the exhibition "Neon Fronts", Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, D.C.)
(photo by Mark Gulezian/Quicksilver)
Stephen Antonakos
Alphavitos, front endpapers
(photo by Greg Heins)
Cycladic Books, 1957-1962
Dimitri Alithinos based all of the first period of his work, from 1972 till around the early 1980s, on the semantic powers of speech and writing as the foundations for a new vision of the history of civilization.
Dimitri Alithinos, Ohne Titel, 1993-94
(Detail from the installation, „Epikentro” Center for Contemporary Art, Patras 1994)
Yorgos Lazongas
Video stills from Blind Painting, 2001
Yorgos Lazongas makes an in-depth, consistent processing of painting as a text undergoing constant change through successive layers of parallel writings.
Bia Davou
Bia Davou introduces since the early 1970s the logic of a new speech and writing inspired by computer flowcharts and the mathematical method of Fibonacci sequences. Based on the structure of the new languages of communication she goes on to sequential structures by which she develops, in the early 1980s, a series of correlations with the structures of classical art monuments and the metric system of the Odyssey.
The year 1976 is an important milestone in the career of the celebrated Greek sculptor Achilleas Aperghis. His switch from the formalistic processing of the sculptural gesture to an approach of sculpting as an intellectual activity in space is presented in a radical way in the construction of his philosophical Rooms. They are places for meditation where thinking dominates and is recorded in its first indirect representation –in writing. These works are accompanied by the spoken word, sounds and writing, just like the first of the Ladders series he presented in 1978.

Achilleas Aperghis
The Room with the Letters (from the series 5 Rooms), 1976

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