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Contemporary Greek Artists (page 1)

Demosthene Agrafiotis
Born in 1946. Poet, visual artist, author of books and essays on art. Specially interested in the intertwinements between art and new technologies. Publication of the Clinamen pamphlet (1980-1990); production of the artistís books; electronic version of clinamen (2001- ) http://multimania.com/lexicones - http://archaeometry.gr/ clinamen. Lives and works in Athens.
1. 6 volumes of the Clinamen artistís books editions, 1980-1990

2. 24 Pidéo, Voésie, 1993
video 20í, material and coordination by D. Agrafiotis in collaboration with M.Santorinaios for the animated images, D.Kamarotos for the music, I.Spyliopoulou for the image editing, and with the special contribution by D.Santorinaiou.

3. Abecedaires (installation), 1997
Sound performance. Music by Dimitris Kamarotos.

Dimitri Alithinos
Born in Athens in 1945. In the 1970s he lived in Rome and, mainly, Paris where he studied architecture. Sporadically since 1981 and systematically since 1988 he continues his Concealments, spreading in various parts of the planet a network of hiding points for his works and other elements as indications of the artistís involvement in the matter of preserving memory and the cultures under extinction. He has represented Greece in the 1997 Biennale of Venice. Lives and works in Athens and various other places on earth.
1. Poems Lo-Logos Sound Sound, 1976
(Poems 1971-1975)
White pages bound in a volume with a white cover and raised typeface, containing a tape sunk amid the leaves with the artistís phonemes and phonetic poems read by himself; 20x12.5x1.5cm thick.
Alithinos is the Greek artist who was worked methodically more than any other on the importance of language and speech as primary sources of energy in the creative process. During the 1970s he presented many works, actions and installations in which the constant interaction of writing, speech, colour and image was vividly demonstrated in space.
2. Autobiography, 1980
wood, metal, plastic, 200x132x32cm. First shown at the group show 16 Books 16 Views, Institut Français dí Athènes, 1980. Collection of the artist.
3. Autobiography, 1980-2001
blow-up of original photo taken at the Autobiography installation in 1980, 200x100cm. Collection of the artist.
4. Untitled, 1993-1994
5 out of a total of 13 books, painted by hand with natural pigments on hand-made rice paper and decorated with cuttings, metal, silver, 20x41x32cm. First shown at his one-man show at the "Epikentro" Contemporary Art Center, Patrai, 1994. Collection of the artist.

Stephen Antonakos
Born in Aghios Nikolaos, Gythion, Laconia in 1926. In 1930 he moves with his family to New York. In the early 1960s he adopts neon light as a material for minimalist three-dimensional works. He has produced many works in public spaces and participated in international exhibitions in America, Europe and Japan: Documenta, Kassel 1977, Sao Paulo Biennale, 1987, Nagoya Biennale (Japan), 1989, Venice Biennale 1997, etc. Lives and works in New York.
1. Alphavitos, 1986-1990
Unique book with silver front and back covers. 76 pages. Screenprints, etchings, handmade cuts, and collages on Arches and Dieu Donne papers and Mylar; signed by the artist on the colophon page. Aquatints, reliefs, photoreliefs, hard ground etchings, and chine collés printed by Julie DíAmario and Bill Hall, The Printmaking Workshop, New York; screenprints by Jo Watanabe, Brooklyn; silver work by Anastasios Mavropoulos, Athens, Greece; bound by Andreas Ganiaris, Athens, Greece, 19½ x 15½ x 2²/8.

Antonakos notes that his books, similarly to his rooms and chapels, because of being enclosed, Ďwork like private arenas for inner experience. With the books, although the sequence is set, every viewer finds his or her own pace or rhythm of turning the pages. Within this conscious structure, it is the discoveries made by the unconscious that continually bring things to life" (Artistís notes, in Cat. Stephen Antonakos: Inner Light, Smith College Museum of Art, Northampton, Mass., 1997)

2. Alphavitos, 1993
Alphavitos also exists in an edition of 8, published in 1993, with embossed leather covers, bound by Peter Geraty, Praxis Bookbindery, Easthampton, Mass.

Achilleas Aperghis
Born in Corfu in 1909; died in Athens in 1986. He was among the outstanding pioneers of abstract sculpture in post-war Greek art. After 1976 his approach to art from a philosophical and existential viewpoint evolved into the creation of environments and the use of mixed media. He presented his work in solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. In 1967 he represented Greece in the Venice Biennale. Works of his are installed in public spaces in Greece.
1. The Room with the Letters, 1976 (from the series 5 Rooms, 1976)
wood, paint, printed letters, sound, 240x210x210cm. First realised and exhibited at the Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris and at the Institut Français díAthènes in 1976. The 5 Rooms series marks the turn of Aperghisís course from abstract sculpture to the creation of environments. Georges Aperghis Collection.

Kostas Archaniotis
Born in Athens in 1957. Active in art since 1980, he has used mixed media, computers, video, film, etc. From the mid-1990s his work centres on the investigation of analogies between social and natural behaviour. Lives and works in Athens.
1. Typewriter- Fossil, 1999
cement, ink, metal, h.140x33x45cm. Private collection.
2. Romeo and Juliet - Secrets, 1999
two volumes, metal, mixed media, h.145X30X40cm.
Collection of the artist.
3. The Language of Silence, 1999

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