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Contemporary Greek Artists (page 6)

Antonis Panagopoulos
Born in Athens in 1957. Appears on the art scene in the early 1980s, working persistently on methods to represent the cognitive perception of space. In his early works he processes through painting the transformations of the straight line in relation to the mathematical calculations of space-time. In 1990 he articulates the notion of space and time in his text Espace de Mémoire, which will provide the basic material for his subsequent works. He lives and works in Athens.

1. Espace de Mémoire. Rosetta, 1990-2001
Acrylic on wood-mounted canvas, Plexiglas, 191x141x15cm
This work was prepared specifically for the exhibition "Mythologies of the Book" in Frankfurt. The Espace de Mémoire cycle started in 1990, based on a text written by the artist which is methodically translated into all current or dead languages of human civilisation since it was written and forms the constant element in the work of a lifetime: THE TIME...THE SPACE...THE FIRE, THE WATER, THE AIR, THE EARTH...THE MEMORY...THE HUMAN RACE...THE LOGIC...THE PAST, THE PRESENT, THE FUTURE...THE PHILOSOPHY...THE IDEA... ESPACE DE MEMOIRE BLURRY, BLACK WALL, CURTAIN WITHOUT ENTRANCE TO MEMORY...THE WATER FLOWS, DESTROYS, CARRIES AWAY, TRANSFORMS, OPENS THE BLUE AISLE...THE AGONY-THE EFFORT-THE WAY-THE PROPOSAL... ESPACE DE MEMOIRE THE MEDITATION-THE TIME AND THE SPACE FOR ONESELF-THE SOLUTION-THE POSITION... ESPACE DE MEMOIRE THE HUMAN MEMORY-THE MEMORY OF THE UNIVERSE-THE MEMORY OF CREATION... ESPACE DE MEMOIRE E G O

Nakis Panayotidis
Born in Athens in 1947. Studied painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome (1966-1971) and architecture at the University of Turin. It is a decisive time for his aesthetic development. In the mid-1980s he focuses on the importance of memory as a myth-making space for intellect and writing. Since 1974 he has presented his work in individual exhibitions at galleries and art centres in various European countries. Lives and works in Bern since 1973.
1. Self-knowledge, Soul, Body, 1989
seven canvases, electric bulb, 39x48x29cm
Artist’s collection
2. Poleis, 1989-1990
photograph 76x118cm, table 62x56cm, clay
Nakis Panayotidis’s first photocompositions, with images of mines and industrial spaces in Attica and Serifos combined with fragments of words which allude to phrases of classical writers, art history, man and nature, appear in the late 1980s. With the encouragement of his friend Hans Christof von Tavel, director of the Museum of Modern Art in Bern, this cycle of work which is still continued to this day has been collected in a publication which includes the works on show: Nakis Panayotidis, Mnemographie, edited by H. Chr. von Tavel, Benteli Verlag, Wabern-Berne, 1994, pp. 47, 63.

Tassos Pavlopoulos
Born in Athens in 1955. Studied graphic design and painting at the Akademie Sztuk Pieknych (1978-1983) under H. Tomaszewski and T. Pagowska. Since the early 1990s he has adopted an autobiographical kind of painting which references comic strips and graffiti and stands as one of the most genuine expressions of this trend in Greece. He has presented his work in many Youth Biennales around Europe and has organised many individual exhibitions in Greece. Lives and works in Athens.
1. Designs Rafts
„Mavros Ilios", Athens 1992.
2. The Memories of the Captain
„Mavros Ilios", Athens 1995.
3. Make love... not Art!
„Ygres Ekdoseis", © Tasos Pavlopoulos, Athens 1996.
4. Muses Museum
„Agra", Athens 1998.
5. No parking...
„Agra", Athens 1998.
6. Socialising, 1999
acrylic on canvas, 215x150cm. 
Artist’s collection.
As with other works of the 1990s, this painting has been variously reproduced in offset, book illustrations and wallpaper rolls. A prolific writer with genuine wit and talent, he has published short stories, commentaries, thoughts and illustrated fiction in which he constantly interweaves writing and images in a subtle and caustic spirit.

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