Efi Strousa:
List of Works and Short Biographies
Contemporary Greek Artists (page 8)

Kyrillos Sarris
Born in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1950. Studied for six years under the Cypriot painters E. Ikonomou and T. Kanthos and studied medicine at the University of Athens. His theoretical training in aesthetics and philosophy of art led him to adopt a critical approach to painting, which he has practised discreetly and methodically over the last fifteen years in the form of personal notes which keep their distance from the communication codes of contemporary culture. Lives and works in Athens.
1. La Nuit Noire Théorique, 1998
photocopies, 9.8x13.4cm.
2 words-objects from Finnegan’s Wake, 1998-2000
installation, variable dimensions and materials
3.11 months (notebook), 2000
mixed media, 9.7x14cm
5. Readings, 2001
Video-installation with 2 monitors & 2 video players

Marios Spiliopoulos
Born in Polygyros, Chalkidiki in 1957. Since the late 1980s he has been one of the most important young exponents of the quest for a universal dimension in the particular traits of each culture. His post-Byzantine and modern Greek education along with the natural materials from his cultural environment make up the main characteristics of his works and installations. He has presented his work at international exhibitions abroad. In 1994 he received the Grand Prix Award at the 18th Biennale of Alexandria. Teaches at the Athens School of Fine Arts since 1991. Lives and works in Athens.
1.N. G. Pentzikis. The Landscape of Being, 1997
one table with phrases of N.G. Pentzikis engraved with gold dust, inscribed glass, wicker chair with worn seat, twigs, small black crosses, 3 electric bulbs, 3 light boxes; installation of variable dimensions
Artist’s collection.
2. Goodnight Mr. Nikos. Tribute to N.G. Pentzikis, 1997
soil, wood, paper, wax, photograph, electric bulb, glass, water, shoes, variable dimensions
Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art Collection
3. Untitled, 1998
Wooden box, silkscreen, Plexiglas, electric bulb; 51x42x42cm. Artist’s collection
4. Hagia Sophia, 1999
Wooden box, silkscreen, Plexiglas, electric bulb; 51x42x42cm. Artist’s collection

Jannis Spyropoulos
Born in Pylos in 1912; died in Athens in 1990. The contribution of Jannis Spyropoulos to abstraction is one of the most important chapters in the history of contemporary Greek art. His work met with great success in Europe and the USA in the 1960s. The process of abstraction in his painting begins in the mid-1950s. In 1960 he represents Greece in the Venice Biennale and receives the UNESCO Award. He presented his work in international: Documenta, Kassel, 1964, 1975, etc. His work is kept and exhibited to the public at the Jannis Spyropoulos Museum in Ekali, Attica.
Triptych D (TKE 890), 1964
mixed media on canvas, 146x218cm. Spyropoulos Museum
This work is representative of the period when the great ‘classical painter of abstraction’ (as described by the art critic Eleni Vakalo) began to expand the painted surface with the uniform areas of dark colour and introduces two striking elements – light and arabesque designs; the latter are etched, scraped on the canvas, as if a new alphabet of painting is born.

Born in Athens in 1925. Settles in Paris in 1954 and soon becomes involved in the contemporary trends of kinetic art and space art. He associates himself with the artistic circle of Iris Clert Gallery, where in 1959 he exhibits his magnetic and tele-magnetic sculptures and establishes the sculpture of magnetic fields on an international level. His work was recognised as a vital presence on the international art scene of the 1960s and ’70s, and he gets the opportunity to develop and implement various projects for works around magnetism in collaboration with major cultural institutions. His 1993 retrospective at the Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Pomme traveled to Athens in 1995. He has received the 1st Prize of the Paris Biennale (1985) and the French National Grand Prix of Sculpture (1988). He lives and works in Gerovouno, Attica since the early 1990s.
1. Antigravity Book, 1983
(signed and numbered, Takis I),1983
évocation des sculptures magnétiques de Takis photographiées par N. Bichajian, B. Hatala, A. Morain, H. Schmitt et comportant un dessin inédit de l’artiste, à été achevé de façonner le 6 Septembre 1983 à la Papeterie Chaponnoise pour le compte des éditions Area, avec le concours de l’Atélier d’Annay-Jacomet pour le pochoir, de l’Atélier Marquet pour la serigraphie, de l’Imprimerie Union pour le tirage offset, ed de NSRG pour la photogravure. De cette édition originale il à été tiré 150 exemplaires: 100 numerotés de 1 a 100, 25 numerotés de I a XXV et 25 de A a Y, reservès au collaborateurs et amis; box 22x17cm, book 21x16.2cm. Private Collection
2. Takis (Hellas XLVI Biennale di Venezia), 1995
paper, metal, magnet, screw, 22x17cm
designed by Takis as the catalogue for his representation of Greece in the 1995 Biennale of Venice
Published by the Ministry of Culture, Athens 1995
3. Takis. Multiples – Non competed editions
Paper, magnet, nails, 20x20cm
Catalogue for the exhibition of non completed editions of multiples; "Gallery 3", Athens 1993

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