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Born in Athens in 1933. Lives in New York since 1954. Adopting the neon light from 1962, she focuses her research on the language of letters of the alphabet, inspired by the world of illuminated signs, and these elements will form the main ingredients of her subsequent work. The gigantic work The Gates to Time Square (1964-1966), which stood on the New York square for some time, secured for her a place among the most important figures in international art. Lives and works in New York..
5 Cycladic Books, 1957-1962
The Cycladic Books were initially cast in plaster, using commercial cardboard boxes as moulds. The boxes’ folds, sections and internal linear structure are imprinted on the plaster, often forming the letter ‘T’. Eight of the Cycladic Books were exhibited at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York. In 1996 they were transferred from plaster to marble and were first exhibited at the Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens 1997. White marble from Mount Pentelikon..
(40,2x35,3x3,5cm./ 51,8x21x5cm. / 54,8x22x4,5cm. / 40,5x38,5x4,8cm. / 43,2x29,2x2,5cm.)
Alpha Bank Collection.

Dimitris Condos
Born in Tripoli, Arcadia in 1931. Died in London in 1996. Lived in Rome (1956-1961) and Paris (1961-1963). Familiar with abstraction since 1958, he developed gestural expression into his characteristic spiral writing which evolves in space and is reproduced in various media and became the Greek exponent of one of the first conceptual approaches to art. He taught at the School of Architecture of the Athens Technical University and was a founding member of the Department of Visual and Applied Arts of the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki.
1. Roman Pictural, 1967
Ink on paper, 18x218x8 sheets
The original drawing from which the first edition of the book Roman Pictural was printed. Private Collection.
2. Roman Pictural, 1967 
The first, unnumbered edition was made by the artist himself. In 1991 it was republished with the addition of a separate volume with five texts by N. Lloizidi, E. Mavrommatis, G. Papagounos. M. Papanikolaou and Th. Tzavaras; Paratiritis, Thessaloniki 1991. Private Collection.
3. Calender, 1971
5.500 sheets, 35x60x60cm, all printed with the same composition in spiral writing. The work was made "to disappear by removing one sheet every day, just like a wall-mounted calendar" (D. Condos). Private Collection.

Bia Davou
Born in Athens in 1932. Died in Athens in 1996. From 1970 she systematically explores the conceptual perception of art, correlating the visual language with the structures and communication mechanisms of cybernetics. This approach resulted in various important series such as Diagrams (1974) and Sequential Structures (1978), which formed the basis for the triangular expansions in various materials and the Sails with verses from the Odyssey from 1980 onwards. She had represented Greece in the Sao Paulo Biennale.
1. Sails, 1981
cloth with inscriptions sewn with thread, 350x200cm & 200x100cm. The Sails series started in 1980 on the basis of the 1978 research on sequential structures and the development of the metric system of Homeric language in relation to the structure of the Fibonacci sequence. Z. Xagoraris Collection

Yannis Dimitrakis
Born in Peania, Attica in 1958, where he lives and works. With his first individual show in 1986 he introduces drawing and painting as transmutations of writing into image and vice versa. He has collaborated with poets and writers and illustrated many books for "Bilieto" Publications..
1. Tribute to Thomas Mann's Magician, 1984
20 drawings, Indian ink on paper, 35x50cm each
Artist’s collection
These 20 drawings were executed especially for the exhibition "Mythologies of the Book" in Frankfurt.
2. Manuscripts, 1986
Illustrated edition with text by Y. Dimitrakis, Yakinthos 1986, on European Velvet120gr. paper, 821 numbered copies, 14x10cm.

3. Exercises in Accuracy, 1991
Illustrated edition with text by Y. Dimitrakis, "Bilieto" Publications, no. 3, 1991, 2000 copies on Velvet 140gr. paper, 20x14cm
4. The swallow and Cheiron; one story and sixteen pictures, 2000
text by Y. Dimitrakis, 16 loose sheets with drawings by himself, 17x25cm each, "Bilieto" Publications, no. 28, 900 copies, 2000, 18x31cm.

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