Efi Strousa:
List of Works and Short Biographies
Contemporary Greek Artists (page 4)

George Hadzimichalis
Born in Athens in 1954. Studied painting in London (1971-75). Since the 1980s he has worked closely with writers, archaeologists and poets, focusing on the use of history as raw material for arriving at an authentic meaning of visual language. He has presented his work at international exhibitions: Biennale of Architecture, Venice 1991, Documenta Kassel 1992, etc. and in the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens in 2001. Lives and works in Athens
1. Journey: O.P./c.1221(12), 1986
book, acrylic on paper, 432x35cm opened Private Collection..
2. Small image archive (001-100), 1986/1996-1999
Mixed media. Chest of drawers made of MDF. Consists of 100 drawers containing paintings, h.108x87x54cm
Private Collection.

Nikos Houliaras
Born in Ioannina in 1940. Since 1970 the multi-talented artist, painter, writer, composer and singer has created a distinctive personal idiom in painting, combining the narrative character of his fantastic images with the art of writing. His short stories have been translated into foreign languages and adapted for television. He has been awarded twice in the international exhibition of artist’s books in Leipzig, for his works Drawing-Texts (1st Award) and The Snow I knew (3rd Award). Lives and works in Athens.
1. Time is always on his side, 1989
80 printed sheets from the publication Time is always on his side, Nefeli, Athens 1989, with front cover and illustrations by Nikos Houliaras, © Nikos Houliaras, NEFELI 1998, placed in a Plexiglas box measuring 150x100cm. The poems in the book were written between the spring of 1983 and the summer of 1988.

Yorgos Lazongas
Born in Larissa in 1945. Initially studied architecture at the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki and turned to painting in the early 1970s. He processed deeply and extensively the concept of painting as an act of imprinting traces of writing and as an act of concealing and revealing the image – notions which he interpreted using various media and on which he based a large part of his blind painting of the 1980s. He has presented his work through many solo exhibitions in Greece and abroad and has represented Greece in international exhibitions: Biennale des Jeunes, Paris 1980, Art et Poésie, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris 1981, Sao Paulo Biennale 1983, etc. Lives and works in Athens.
1. Blind trace-print with carbon paper (frames face to face),1992
oil silk-screen colours on canvas, 145X145cm.
Collection of the artist
2. Blind trace-print with carbon paper (frames face to face),1992
oil silk-screen colours on canvas, 145X145cm.
Collection of the artist.

3. Video Blind painting, 2001
The video Blind painting, shown for the first time at the exhibition "Mythologies of the Book" in Frankfurt, is a sequel to Lazongas’s long quest around the notion of the visual language as the transcription –in different spaces and times– of incessant layers of writing, traces of thoughts, fragments of physical and mental existence. The act of writing and its imprints throughout the history of civilisation is central to his works, which he renders in multiple media from 1977 onwards. As far as blind painting is concerned, he notes: "blind painting, drawings as extensions of the hands, a touch of the fingers; recalling the prehistory of instinct; I am at the centre and the periphery at the same time, palimpsest, fragment, décollage" (from the catalogue Lazongas. Painting Drawing 1977-1987, Vafopoulion Cultural Centre, Municipality of Thessaloniki, 1987).

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