Chief curator: Efi Strousa
Origin and Evolution. Greek illustrated books. Curator: Irene Orati
Organisation & coordination: a.antonopoulou.art
Installations Design: Efi Strousa
Constructions & Installation: Yorgos Leventis
Packing & transport: Orphee Beinoglou
Insurance: Lloyd's - G. Karavias & Associates Ltd


Catalogue editor: Efi Strousa
Graphic lay-out: Gelina Ikonomopoulou
Translations: B.I.C.I. (german), Tony Moser (english)
Proof reading: Dora Komini
Colour separation: Tzifas Bros S.A.
Printing: Alfa Pack Ltd


Warm thanks are due to: 
for the insurance of the illustrated books 
and for the lending of artworks from their collections 
the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art
the Spyropoulos Museum
M. Dimitriadi, Medusa Gallery
Florica Kyriacopoulos
Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center
for the lending of artworks from their collections
the Hellenic American Union
for the lending of exhibition material
the Cultural Department of the Ministry of Education of Cyprus
for their contribution to the transport of works from Cyprus 
the Zacharias Portalakis Collection
for providing photographic material for the Catalogue 

We wish to express our special thanks to the Work Team, Mr. Chr. Lazos,
Mr. Fil. Drakontaeidis and Ms. Aspa Moraiti for  the interest they showed to this project.


Event under the auspices of the Hellenic Cultural Heritage S.A. 
institutional organisation for the implementation of the Cultural Olympiad

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